Gain a new perspective through another dimension!

Use your mobile device as a "window" to explore another dimension of artsci studios with Augmented Reality!

Transform 2D artwork into 3D experiences with our new app.

Available now for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Download now:

How it works

Note: Requires applicable artsci studios printed artwork. Purchase here.


Install and open the artsciAR app on your mobile device.

Grant permissions for the app to access your camera. No data is stored!


"Scan" artsci studios artwork with your mobile device.

Ensure the entire artwork is detected in the frame of your camera and that the artwork is flat and still.


Experience the artwork and the science story in 3D!

Investigate new perspectives and dimensions of artsci studios' artwork!

Artwork that contains AR functionality

Look for the                  logo on artwork for AR capability!

Continental Drift

in History

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