NASA BASALT Research Program - Special Issue Astrobiology

I was commissioned by the NASA BASALT Research Program to create illustrations detailing the communication architecture of space analog missions being performed in Idaho and Hawaii. The research entails injecting time delays into mission communications to simulate lag in Earth-Mars telecommunications and best practices that ensure clarity and precision in data transfer. These illustrations were created over a 3-month period with extensive review by several members of the NASA BASALT program and the NASA Kennedy Space Center.

Final illustrations were published in two publications in a special edition of the Astrobiology journal. You can click the links below to read more about the work being done by BASALT.

The BASALT Research Program: Designing and Developing Mission Elements in Support of Human Scientific Exploration of Mars


A Flexible Telecommunication Architecture for Human Planetary Exploration Based on the BASALT Science-Driven Mars Analog

Date: March 2019

Client: NASA BASALT Research Program

Audience: Scientific

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