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Continental Drift in History

A visual poster of the Earth's paleogeographic change throughout history.

The Earth's continents have undergone a tremendous journey before landing in their current positions. This poster illustrates the positional changes of major continents and tectonic plates since the beginning of Earth's lifetime. Much of the data in the past is corroborated from multiple lines of evidence - specifically, a variety of geologic records including the fossil record, the stratigraphic record, the palynological record, and the isotopic record. These have given scientists ideas as to how old the Earth is and how it has changed and reorganized its layout throughout time. The following poster greatly simplifies this change but demonstrates the evolution of our planet's surface.

There are 4 hypotheses of continued continental drift that may occur in the future. They are proposed by several key science leaders in the field of paleogeography. They include Roy Livermore, Christopher Scotese, Ronald Blakey, and João Duarte and members of the Geological Magazine. Happy reading on this very interesting subject!

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