Medical Legal Visualization: Deck & Deck vs. Mitchell et al.

A collaborative piece providing demonstrative evidence about a tubal ligation procedure pertaining to the case of Deck & Deck vs. Mitchell et al. This project required understanding the medical details and context of the procedures involved and translating them into visuals to be communicated to a jury audience. My involvement in this piece was to create the graphical assets and arrange the layout of the medical illustrations, which were done by my collaborators Judy Rubin and Ursula Florjanczyk.

Date: December 2016

Supervisor: Dr. Leila Lax | Biomedical Communications

Audience: Jury (General)


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Development Process

A Briefing on the Case

Before developing the plans for the illustrations and layout, my collaborators and myself needed to familiarize ourselves with the case. We were provided with court documents on the case for Deck & Deck vs. Mitchell et al. and learned that an oopherectomy and a tubal ligation were performed on the plaintiff. The plaintiff assumed these procedures would make her infertile. Despite these procedures being done, the plaintiff became pregnant and was suing on the grounds of medical malpractice. Our visualization supports the case of the defendant.

Preparing the Layout

It was important to place all the events relating to the plaintiff's medical experiences into a timeline. Once we highlighted these events, we debated on having two or three poster boards to illustrate this narrative. We settled on describing the case of the oopherectomy, and the geography and procedure of the tubal ligation. 

Rough Draft #1

The first rough draft of our visualization had the timeline represented in a vertical fashion. Upon constructive feedback, we realized that illustrating this horizontally made a lot more sense.

Rough Draft #2

Our second rough draft featured the narrative in a horizontal fashion. This increased the legibility of the narrative.

The Wrap-Up

Final edits included colour changes, size modifications, and adjustments to the placement and arrangement of the illustrations.


The final visualization is a successful representation of the plaintiff's medical procedures placed against a timeline of the major events leading to her pregnancy. It is clear, concise, and demonstrates a narrative that would hold up in court to protect the defendant's case.

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