NASA Pavilion Lake Research Project - Spatial Distribution and Preservation of Carbon Isotopes in Microbialite Carbonate

The distribution and preservation of carbon isotope biosignatures in microbialite carbonate were investigated as part of the Pavilion Lake Research Project with NASA Ames in June 2014. Using Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry, carbon-13 abundance in microbialite carbonate was investigated on microbialite surfaces from three different sites at Pavilion Lake at three different depths. In addition, interior samples approximately 4 cm directly beneath the microbialite surface were collected and measured.

These illustrations were created for my Masters' research thesis and were recently published in ACS Earth and Space Chemistry​. You can read the research article here.

Spatial distribution and preservation of carbon isotopes in microbialite carbonate.

Date: March 2019

Client: NASA Pavilion Lake Research Project

Audience: Scientific


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