Sweden's Water Sources & Usage

An infographic demonstrating Sweden's sources of water in five unique water districts and their total usage, both in public and private sectors, and over time.

Date: April 2016

Audience: General


Adobe Illustrator

Development Process

A Vision

I tackled this project completely backwards. When tasked to take a dataset and create an infographic, I had a very strong vision of wanting to create a cartographic visual in portrait style, and it had to be predominantly blue. This told me that I should consider some kind of spatial dataset detailing air or water statistics that would support this idea. The vertical shape of Sweden met the orientation limitations, and so I began looking at Swedish air and water statistics to see if I could fulfill my vision.

Digging for Data

 Synthesizing data from multiple sources started to form a narrative about the nature of Sweden's water sources and usage, and so I determined that my piece would illustrate this topic. The website Vattenmyndigheterna provided most of the data for this piece.

Planning the Layout

I had enough data that exceeded the requirement for three variables. Therefore, I divided the infographic into three sections to communicate these data. Since I knew that the spatial data needed to be the largest and most visibly striking component of the piece, fitting the remainder of the data into the infographic was fairly straightforward and progressed naturally. 

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Creating the Visuals

The entire piece was created in Adobe Illustrator. Graphs were generated with Microsoft Excel and were reproduced in vector-style in Adobe Illustrator. The map was produced in Adobe Illustrator. Clean-up and revisions were made to retain the integrity of piece's aesthetic and to adhere to my original vision.

The Wrap-Up

The final piece was composed in Adobe Illustrator. Final revisions included changing colours in the data charts, changing fonts, and adjusting sizing for a more comfortable layout.


Although this piece was created in an unconventional manner, I am pleased that I was still able to deliver a visually pleasing infographic that successfully communicates the diversity of Sweden's water sources and usages. 

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