From working in the lab, to a NASA field site, or even the operating room, my research experience has enabled me to successfully take complex, scientific ideas and translate them into informative and beautiful illustrations for education and teaching.


A successful learning experience is defined by good design. Whether it's branding visuals, building narratives, or satisfying user experience, I ensure that the best design practices are used to successfully demonstrate and communicate your project.


Animation is a powerful learning tool that enhances storytelling and communication. I create educational and didactic animations that stimulate the audio, visual, and textual cognitive processing pathways to create memorable and entertaining learning experiences.


Sometimes words just get the job done, but finding the right words for the right audience can be a tricky task. I help take difficult concepts in science and translate ideas by focusing on key targeted groups and building bridges between researchers and audiences.

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Finding the Footprints of Life

Comic about astrobiology research and working with NASA AMES on the Pavilion Lake Research Project!

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Understanding NASA's ICON Mission

A three-page spread detailing the scientific context and importance of NASA's upcoming ICON mission

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of Periodontitis

A two-page editorial depicting the pathogenesis and subsequent development of periodontitis

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Tentacles and Beaks of Cepahlopods

A didactic poster illustration of the morphological diversity between Cepahlopod beaks and tentacles

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Interferon Therapy:

MxA Protein

A cell-shaded, 2D didactic illustration representing the pathway of host-induced interferon therapy

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We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words

let visuals tell the story of your next project!

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