My name is Mark, and I am a visual storyteller.

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Experience a new dimension to artwork.

artsci studios' Augmented Reality app that transforms 2D artwork into 3D experiences.

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Our Story

artsci studios produces high-quality scientific visuals to help make science easier to understand, and therefore accessible to more people. We work at the intersection of scientific ideas, artistic and creative output, and emphasize education. With science and technology rapidly advancing, the success of communicating complex ideas is greatly aided with visual support.




Founded by Mark Belan, a double MSc with extensive training and experience in both art and science, artsci studios aims to make science accessible to everyone by taking complex, sophisticated ideas and translating them into beautiful, educational visuals.

Featured Work

Finding the

Footprints of Life

Comic about astrobiology research and working with NASA AMES on the Pavilion Lake Research Project.

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Understanding NASA's ICON Mission

A three-page spread detailing the scientific context and importance of NASA's upcoming ICON mission

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of Periodontitis

A two-page editorial depicting the pathogenesis and subsequent development of periodontitis

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Comparative Anatomy of Cephalopods

A didactic poster illustration of the morphological diversity between members of the Cepahlopod family

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Interferon Therapy:

MxA Protein

A cell-shaded, 2D didactic illustration representing the pathway of host-induced interferon therapy

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