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artsci studios thrives at the intersection of art and science.

We are storytellers that specialize in producing didactic visuals for communicating—and beautifying!—a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Featured Work


Visualizing the
Biomass of Life

An infographic that compares the weight (biomass) of all living things on Earth.

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Comparing How COVID-19 Vaccines and Antiviral Pills Work_POSTER_VC_4.png

Comparing mRNA
Vaccines to Pills

A poster comparing the mechanisms of vaccines and antiviral pills for the treatment of COVID-19.

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Scientific American:
Species' Genomes

Produced for Scientific American, this graphic shows the variability of genome sizes.

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A New Water
Map of Mars

An animated map highlighting the location of hydrous minerals across the surface of Mars.

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Issue 40 cover.png

Front Cover:
Nautilus Magazine #40

A creative representation of vaccines curbing the spread of variants for Nautilus Magazine.

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Mark Belan

MSc. Biomedical Communications,
MSc. Geochemistry/Astrobiology

Principal Visual Scientific Communications Specialist and Founder of artsci studios

introducing a new kind of storytelling from artsci studios

Read our animated web article on Mark's journey into mechanobiology whilst working with CP Heisenberg at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria


Our visuals are seen across the world
in magazines, museums, and all over the web!

And we support smaller publications, too! From academic papers to corporate materials, we make an impact no matter the setting.


We don't want to just tell your story
we want to visualize it.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we do our best storytelling with the power of visuals.

Unsure how to visually communicate a complex idea?
Need graphics to help describe your next project?

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