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Where science meets style.

Shop a variety of scientific art, instructional merchandise, and other cool offers from the works of artsci studios!


Work shown below is original work created by artsci studios, either independently or for clients with reproduction permissions.
All prices listed below are in CAD (Canadian Dollars), shipping not included.

Please see FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding order processing and shipping.
If there are any issues, concerns, or questions about any of the products listed above, or any issues with ordering, shipping, or payment processing, please reach out to artscistudios directly here. All products are printed and distributed by a third party. 

artsci studios is committed to a private and secure ordering process. Your data is never stored, shared, or collected beyond point of sale. (We just aren't that interested, to be quite honest!)

All work and products on this page are copyright © artsci studios 2022. All rights reserved.

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