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Are you an artist looking to support scientific communication?

We're looking for artists to contribute their skills in beautifying science!

Currently, we need freelance support with overflow projects.

Interested? Include your contact information and relevant details in the Google Form below and we'll reach out with the right opportunity.

We're looking forward to working together!


The data supplied in this Google Form will be used solely for business purposes by Mark Belan and affiliates of artsci studios. The information provided will be stored within the Google framework and will only be accessible to Mark Belan and authorized representatives of artsci studios.

We assure you that none of the data collected through this form will be re-recorded, copied, sold, or used for any purposes other than recording artist availability, interests, and contact information.

If, at any time, artists no longer wish for their information to be stored, we kindly request that you communicate your preference to artsci studios by writing to us. We respect your privacy and will promptly take necessary actions to address your request.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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