Hej allihopa!

Just two weeks after my arrival to Sweden, I was invited by the National Kidney Association, Njurförbundet, to present my work in transplant education at a family week for children and families of children affected by kidney disease. Total surprise + a total privilege to be whisked away to the west coast of Sweden, just north of Göteborg to a place called Grebbestad. As you can see, it is a coastal summer paradise.

Here I presented my work with "transPLANTS", on the value of visual communication, and how to inspire improved retention + recall of fundamental concepts surrounding transplant education. I focused my presentation solely on the concept of the "visual metaphor", and how it informed the production of "transPLANTS" and the visual brand of the education program.

Happy to share that the project was very well received, and made some great contacts within the Swedish kidney transplant community. Looking forward to what's next for transPLANTS!


Even in Stockholm, Sweden, I'm finding ways to continue advocating the use of visuals in scientific storytelling! I was happy to host a conversation on Using Graphics in Visual Storytelling for the Curious Science Writers Boot Camp, and outline best techniques and skills for communicating science. I had a great time speaking to students, and even lead a couple of activities that jogged their brains into thinking visually! I ended the talk with a jams comics section, and we produced some hilarious results on some big science topics! It was my pleasure to speak with Curious Science Writers and to engage with the students, and I am thrilled to see future generations continuing to explore the use of visuals with their science work!


I am so excited to announce that I have accepted a position as a research assistant in the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management, and Ethics at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden! What an exciting development! Who knew this would happen!?

I'm so excited to be working on the EIT Health "CARE" project. I will be creating eLearning modules using illustrations, animations, and sequential visual storytelling (comics!!!) techniques for communicating senior healthcare to caregivers all across Europe.

On top of the exciting career opportunity, I am also thrilled to have relocated to the gorgeous city of Stockholm, and I am looking forward to enjoying fika and kannelbulle over the next year!

I will still be available for contract and commission work, so if you are interested in creating visuals to accurately communicate your project in science, medicine, healthcare -- or anything, really! -- get in touch!